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Let me start off by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS to y’all!  How was your Christmas? I miss the Xmas spirit in my country , the Philippines.  Nways, here in Montreal , the weather right now is -2° & the cars outside are covered with snow!  I wish to escape from the cold and spend the holidays in the sun. It makes me wanna go back to my summer vacation.


I love the beach  , it may be my favourite place to just relax & escape from reality , stress , people etc… The tranquility , the sounds of the waves , the feel of the sand on your feet , the salty smell of the air & just the atmosphere in general. 

My trip to Cuba is indeed memorable! I’ve been on the plane after such a long period of time & I can’t wait to go again.

We’d wake up , have breakfast , rest for a bit & go straight to the beach! Everything is still so fresh on my mind. Right after , we’d eat lunch and go back in the water. As the night approach , we’d get dressed , eat dinner & go see the nightly presentations (which was so good , the dancers danced gracefully & everything was just all in all outstanding). Oh , the Piña colada  was sooooooooo good! I miss it a lot , I had with no liquor of course , like DUH.

Something I wouldn’t  forget , ever , was the day we went snorkelling , it was the first time I swam with fish. They were  literally all around my legs.

There’s also morning activities. Well , um  I’m not a morning person so I didn’t wake up early for that , or , it was  at the same time as our lunch. Oh , well I actually got to participate in one! Exercise in the morning (tralala).



I also went to the capital of Cuba which is Havana where I got to see historical things & such.


Definitely loved seeing horses & vintage cars everywhere.

AHHHH , I remember this lady who served us during the night, her & my mom were telling jokes but her laugh was the reason why I was laughing my butt off. Lmao I’m literally laughing just thinking about her.


Anyway , I  just regret one thing. I had the chance to SWIM with DOLPHINS but I was scared & nervous. Perhaps next time. Thoughts that went trough my mind the moment my mom asked me if I want to was “I CAN’T DO IT”.

If I ever get that chance again , I will no longer let it pass, I promise. I no longer want to have something I regret , nor  having the thought of “I SHOULD HAVE “.

Until my next adventure , xoxo ♥

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