Currently: Sunday, December 27

Let me start off by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS to y’all!  How was your Christmas? I miss the Xmas spirit in my country , the Philippines.  Nways, here in Montreal , the weather right now is -2° & the cars outside are covered with snow!  I wish to escape from the cold and spend the holidays in the sun. It makes me wanna go back to my summer vacation.



I love the beach, it may be my favorite place to just relax & escape from reality, stress, people etc… The tranquility, the sounds of the waves, the feel of the sand on your feet, the salty smell of the air & just the atmosphere in general. 

My trip to Cuba is indeed memorable! I’ve been on the plane for such a long period of time & I can’t wait to go again.

We’d wake up, have breakfast, rest for a bit & go straight to the beach! Everything is still so fresh on my mind. Right after, we’d eat lunch and go back in the water. As the night approach, we’d get dressed, eat dinner & go see the nightly presentations (which was so good, the dancers danced gracefully & everything was just all in all outstanding). Oh, the Piña colada was sooooooooo good! I miss it a lot, I had with no liquor of course, like DUH.

Something I wouldn’t forget, ever, was the day we went snorkeling, it was the first time I swam with fish. They were literally all around my legs.



There are also morning activities. Well, um  I’m not a morning person so I didn’t wake up early for that, or, it was at the same time as our lunch. Oh, well I actually got to participate in one! Exercise in the morning (tralala).



I also went to the capital of Cuba which is Havana where I got to see historical places.



Definitely loved seeing horses & vintage cars everywhere.


I remember this lady who served us during the night, her & my mom were telling jokes but her laugh was the reason why I was laughing my butt off. Lmao I’m literally laughing just thinking about her.


Anyway, I  just regret one thing. I had the chance to SWIM with DOLPHINS but I was scared & nervous. Perhaps next time. Thoughts that went through my mind the moment my mom asked me if I want to was “I CAN’T DO IT”.

If I ever get that chance again, I will no longer let it pass, I promise. I no longer want to have something I regret, nor having the thought of “I SHOULD HAVE “.

Until my next adventure, xoxo ♥

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