I’m so happy to tell you guys that I finally saw Alden Richards in person! He had a tour here in Canada and I’m very thankful to be a part of it.

Those who know me personally knows how much I fangirl over ALDUB and ALDEN RICHARDS. My mom sees the way they drive me crazy whenever I watch them on tv. So to my lovely mother, thank you, without you none of this would have been possible.

The concert took place at Maharaja Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. YES , I flew all the way from Montreal to Edmonton & it was all worth it!


So , where to start? Let’s rewind everything first , shall we? So a few months back, pictures were all over the internet regarding the “Bae In The City” tour here in Canada. I felt sad for he’s not coming here in Montreal nor Toronto. I kept on asking my mom if we could fly to either Winnipeg, Edmonton or Vancouver but, unfortunately, she said that it’s too far (which it really is). After a few weeks, I accepted the fact that there was really no chance for me to go there… Until the event dates and other pieces of information about it were shown during commercials and it broke my heart because damn, I really wanted to see him, SO BAD. So I talked about it with my mom again to the point where I finally convinced her to let me (she knows how much I fangirl over AlDub or should I say Maichard *insert winky face here*). A few days after, the  tickets for the concert were finally mailed to me all the way from Edmonton and since then my excitement was in the maximum it could reach.


Now let’s slightly fast forward everything…

Shoutout to Ate Had (you’re the best!) for coming with me , my sister & my mom! Our flight was at 8 in the morning on the same day of the concert which is on March 23rd.  The night before , I slept for only 2 and a half hour for I was way too excited (the duration of our flight with the plane was about 4 hours and a half). Right after landed at around 11 (Edmonton time) , we headed right to Palabok House for a lunch  with Alden at 12 & for his meet and greet. Oh and by the way, on our way to the venue, I was already so ready my gosh, then, the taxi driver…. For some reason, it felt as if he drove wayyyyy to slow like hello? I’m about to meet the man of my dreams , please hurry up! Anyways, since we came all the way from Montreal, we were very  blessed to be seated at the sponsor area right near where Alden, Rocco & Kim were seated! We also became very good friends with a family who seated beside us, they’re so nice and it felt like we all knew each other for a long time since they’re so comfortable to be with.


OH MY GOSH , I cried right before he came to the venue. I was like “Damn, this is it”.  When he entered the room , WOAHHH, I was so overwhelmed, my heart was filled with joy. At that moment, it felt like as if I was in a dream.A dream where I never wanted to wake up. That moment on, seeing him sitting nearly in front of me, I was literally screaming with my teary eyes just staring at him. My mom tried calming me down for even the guards told me to keep it quiet, but during that time, I did not give a damn anymore. Not a single bit. ALDEN RICHARDS WAS THERE, IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME, BREATHING THE SAME AIR I WAS BREATHING AND I JUST WANTED TO EXPRESS MYSELF AND ENJOY EVERY SECOND.



I had mixed emotions, my head was filled with “Is this for real?” “Did I just touch and talked to Alden Richards” “Alden Richards’ just beside me OMG OMG OMG” “He smells so good OMG” “Why are you so perfect” ” SOMEONE PUNCH ME AM I DREAMING??!!” “THIS IS REAL LIFE OMGG” . Something once seemed so IMPOSSIBLE to me  became POSSIBLE. During my whole existence here on Earth, never have I saw myself meeting Richard Reyes Faulkerson Jr . Btw , he waved at me ( snapped it, on the video down below) !!!! On the last image , I gave him a gift that I got him from St Joseph’s oratory here in Montreal (the largest church in Canada) which I hope he’ll like. He really looked tired though, I felt bad cause we all know that he has a very hectic schedule especially with all of the traveling, rehearsals etc. HE SMELLS SOOOO GOOOODDDDD, I could smell his scent even from far. He’s also so charming! Oh my! If you think that he’s only good looking on television, you are completely wrong! He looks even better in person! Woah, he’s flawless, as if he’s an angel that fell from the sky! Not only that but when I talked to him, his voice was so angelic! WE TALKED. I SPOKE TO AN ANGEL. I could listen to it all day long (I’m serious). After that, we needed to go and guess what, he waived again MWUAHAHAH (snapped, in the video down below again!).

His concert was still at 7 PM so right after our lunch, we headed to the West Edmonton Mall and checked into our hotel at around 5:30 PM. We freshened up, got changed and went straight to the concert venue.

Before it started, I got the chance to get his album “Wish I May” that is now quintuple platinum, which I’m sure will be 6x platinum soon!

Then , the concert finally started! We were seated in the second row , sponsor area VIP. 12039754_458940437642261_686947588175683895_n.jpg


After Kim Idol & Rocco Nacino‘s performances (which was so entertaining especially Kim with his Green jokes even if I did not understand everything completely lol), Alden came to the stage! Boy was he good! The moment he came out, the crowd turned insanely wild and I could literally smell his scent , I don’t know if it’s just me or the fact that I was in front but he just smells so good! He dresses so neatly, ugh he’s so charming and his bodyyy OH MY GOSH!!! Plus, the first song he sang was “How Great Is Our God” which was so gooooooooddd! His voice is really so angelic like wwoooooooww and the way he dances wow! Just wow! 12512680_458687677667537_514026424378305917_n.jpg



NGANGA PA MORE!IMG_0983.jpgIMG_0987.jpgIMG_0988.jpg

UGHH HE’S SO CHARMING! During his performance, I was just like

 “Wow, so this is how it feels like.” “Two days ago I was just watching him on television and now he’s performing in front of me” I WANT TO STAY HERE FOREVER” 

RITSSARRDD , INAANO KABA HA? BAT BALIW NA BALIW AKO SAYO HA? Is it too late now tisoy soti?  *pabebe wave*


Not to mention, I was extremely lucky because I held his hands! Boy were they soft! (Just look at how my mom supports my love for him haha!)


After his concert, we got the chance to get his autograph & more pictures!






March 23rd is now the best day of my life so far. It has been such an incredible experience. Richard Reyes Faulkerson Jr. is more than just a charming face , he’s a very kind person and a very religious guy. He’s a hard working guy and he definitely deserves every blessing he’s getting now! Not only that, he is also a very down-to-earth person which made many love him even more, not only teenagers but also little kids & the  elderly.  Maine is indeed such a lucky girl to have him & his very lucky to have her!

I wish I could go back to that day again, till’ next time RJ! You know what, I can not be more proud as a fan. I’ve waited for that moment for such a long time and finally, I finally met my idol, my inspiration, the guy I look up to the most and especially, the one who makes everything seem so perfect.

I hope that he’ll come back here again, sa Toronto naman please, kasama na si Maine & the lolas! Though that’s it for this journey, it’s been a very good one and to you, the optimist realist, let us wish for more to come.

xo, yours truly

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