My blog has been/ is my way of expressing myself, writing in general is (wether it’s on a simple sheet of paper or through poetry). So, setting aside the adventures, beauty posts, and the rest, let me pour my feelings on this blog post that belongs in my “Personal” category. 


We live in a world where nothing is permanent: everything & everyone are simply temporary. Not to mention the fact that we need to face change, it’s inevitable. By that, I specifically mean change with the people surrounding you.

You probably had friends or just people u knew for the longest time whom you don’t even talk to anymore, well me too. The truth is, there are people we meet just in order to learn life lessons: good or bad. Plus you learn a lot about your own character as well.

A few years ago, I loved having  big group of friends because my mindset was always ” more people= more fun” but I was wrong. My point of view from then to now changed drastically in the best way possible. I now love being with with lesser people containing my realest friends.  The motto for the moment’s “quality over quantity” . Positive, bubbly, happy, motivating, inspiring, helpful and loyal people are what I want to attract and accept in my current life. I’m happy to say that I no longer have toxic people in my life, or do I? Let’s just say , a fewer amount.

I got rid of the of those who are negative, ungrateful, manipulative and the types to want to secretly put you down. Life’s been so much more beautiful & it’s not even an exaggeration. I mean, who doesn’t love genuine human beings, right?

To those whom I no longer talk to, interact with and who’ve did me wrong, thank you for the lessons you have given me. You guys helped me learn about myself and what I want. I discovered my personality in so many levels.

Sometimes, we can’t always have a good relationship with everyone, not all humans we meet are meant to stay forever.  Others may not appreciate you, but those who do totally cancels them out.

Have toxic people around you? I suggest you CUT THEM OFF because the way I think of it, life has so much to offer and it surely doesn’t have room for negativity.

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