I am finally on summer vacation and now that summer is here, we’re for sure all going to sweat! Despite the heat, it’s very important for me to stay fresh so putting perfume is a must!

First of all, let me start by talking about how important hygiene is! Wearing perfume/cologne isn’t mandatory but staying clean and presentable is! Don’t forget to take a shower and put deodorant! For me, being presentable is also being respectful not only for yourself but also for the people around you.

Since I love being extra at times, I always, always want to smell good no matter the season! I often get compliments & get asked regarding my scent, so for this blog post, I decided to share with my favorite perfumes!

I don’t really have a specific go to for I tend to switch it up depending on my mood.

The ones from NIRVANA, MISS DIOR & CHANEL (seen in the picture above) has a very sophisticated smell. I’d say that they’re the perfumes that have the most mature scent compared to the rest while still being appropriate for us, teens.


The ones from MARC JACOBS & PINK LACOSTE (seen in the picture above) has a more sweet and floral scent that I usually wear whenever I want to smell innocent. LOL


Lastly, my favorite scent is the one that stands out from everything, the white LACOSTE (MEN). Yes, it is a men’s perfume, ALDEN RICHARD’S scent to be specific. This is what he had when I met him in Edmonton and I fell in love instantly. Yes, I do wear it myself because it smells so good, I’d even say that it can be considered as a unisex perfume.


So that’s it, I hope that this has helped those who asked me for my perfumes,  may you all enjoy your summer break! xo

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