Wow. It has been a hot minute since I’ve last written a blog post. If you haven’t seen it on my social media yet, I’m very happy to say that I spent my summer vacation in my homeland, the Philippines! Most of the people who know me personally knows exactly how much I wanted to go back to my native land. I remember how I’ve always envied my friends whenever they had the chance to go back in the Philippines and this time, it was finally my turn. I came here in Canada when I was eight years old and after exactly eight years of waiting it was at last time to come back. I have so much love for my country because of our people, our culture, the food, our values/manners, our hospitality and so much more. Since we got our plane tickets, I couldn’t stop smiling and all I did was litteraly countdown, so the moment the plane prepared to land in Manila ( the capital of the Philippines) my tears started falling  while my mom and sister stare at me as they laugh. I was the happiest at that moment− no exaggeration. It felt so surreal seeing so much filipinos around and posters in tagalog.


My family there had no clue that we were going home for it was a “surprise” and boy were they surprised! The first thing we did was visit the church I used to go to when I was a little kid: St. John the baptist and then went to where we used to live and  I had so much flashbacks of my childhood. Playing with mud, catching tadpoles, playing outside with the simplest games such as Tumbang Preso, Langit Lupa etc.



During our 4 weeks stay in Manila, I experienced so much. I was attacked by so much mosquitos, I ate so good and did so much Karaoke! In all honestly, the change of weather wasn’t easy to adapt to and it lead me to a point where it really affected my mood throughout my first days. There was this time where we walked so much under the sun and it made me not only tired but also very hungry and thirsty so I just found myself shedding tears. Speaking of food, I don’t think it’s even possible to go in a country like mine and not gain weight for the meals are excellent. I loved everything we ate, wether it be in a restaurant, home cooked food and even street food. I ate Jollibee literally almost everyday and never got tired of the 2 pcs spicy chicken. Oh, and not to mention the liempo from Andok’s, the spareribs from Inasal and the roasted chicken from Kenny Rogers. All of it were like heaven on your plate. Not only that but also the street foods like the unripe mangoes with spicy bagoong, my childhood favourites: isaw & iskramble and the delicious fries with cheese powder!





I got to see my uncles, aunties, cousins, grandmas and childhood friends again after such a long period of time. Whenever I was with them there was never a dull moment, laughter was always present. It’s one of the things I admire a lot about filipinos, it might sound cliché but it’s very true that despite problems, the people there always manage to keep a smile on their faces. Their mindset is always to be positive and that’s what I want to be− optimistic. I love my family back home so much and I have this uncle, the “Narciso” family whom I really got so attached to. They were such kind people, and they welcomed me so warmly and their home felt like my home too. We’d always crack a joke and they were the ones to make sure I get to experience the life in the Philippines as much as I possibly could. I told them how much I loved the country and that if I could, I’d chose to live there instead. Whenever I requested a specific type of food, they’d always get ways to get it and cook it for me. Ate Elinelle and kuya Francis were extremely kind and made me love my stay even more. They were the ones who let me experience to ride a jeep and a tricycle again and believe it or not, that was in my bucket list and having to experience it again made my heart so happy.  I just want to take my time to thank them with all of my heart for their kindness. They also knew how much I loved Alden Richards and found a way for me to go to Eat Bulaga and see him in person once again.



Thank you also to my Marcelo family. It was amazing seeing so much relatives and filling up tables in restaurants since it’s only the three of us here in Canada. Mama Minia who always laughed out loud 24/7 (literally) made the atmosphere even more fun. It’s the little things that makes me love it there so much. I am very family oriented and as much as possible, family time should ALWAYS be a priority.  To ate Princess, thank you so much for bringing me in Sunday Pinasaya where I got to see Aden Richards perform live once again with other amazing starts like Marian Rivera.






The lady wearing blue is my grandmother , a.k.a my ka-look alike! My skin tone and face is like a photo copy from her.



And of course, the very young at heart ,my grandma Angeles. She was always game for anything and she even walks faster than my mother!


This whole trip was definitely one for the books! As soon as I arrived back in Canada I already missed the loud noises and the chaos all in all. It’s no doubt the happiest I’ve ever been so far but for now, I guess it’s another “see you soon” again. So much love. JE T’AIME MANILA.

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