I’m writing this blog post a little later than planned but as usual, it’s better late than never! So, right after spending time with the family back in Manila, we booked a flight and headed to Southern Leyte, where my grandmother (mother’s side) lives. After the plane ride, we still had another 5 hours drive to reach our destination and on our way, we passed by MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park for the popular “I shall return” promise.



After the long drive, we finally arrived and right after we ate and fixed our luggage, we went to the beach nearby called the Tankaan Beach and to be completely frank with you, I did not enjoy it at all. I was told that I loved to swim there back then but I guess things really do change. It was just filled with rocks which I didn’t like because instead of enjoying the sea I had to be very careful so I don’t hurt myself. I don’t want to act like I enjoyed it because I really didn’t and that’s just my opinion because I usually want to feel relaxed and enjoy the tranquility when it comes to the ocean but that specific place did not give me that vibe.



What I did love about our stay was the amount of seafood we ate, specifically my favorite: CRAB! We went to these seafood restaurants where we got to eat by the sea and that has to be the highlight of my province experience.





We also had our own rooms in the house but it was useless and my cousins are to blame. They told me these scary stories that happened in the house and if you know me, I’m not about that life because I’m so naive and I’m a complete coward when talking about anything supernatural. But because of that, we all ended up sleeping on the floor in the living room on this thing we call “banig”. I loved the experience despite having mosquitos attack me while I was asleep.


Our week stay was perfect because we had the chance to be there during the Fiesta. There were activities at night, street foods, performances,dances and fireworks. Of course, filipino fiesta/parties means LECHON (pig) !



Overall, I loved our week stay in Leyte for a city girl experiencing the life in the province. It was no doubt different compared to Manila. The fresh air, the kind of life the citizens live, the tranquility and the simplicity of everything was just an amazing new feel/vibe. I learned to appreciate life, even more, when I saw the kind of life there and became more contented and thankful for every little thing I have. My trip was definitely eye-opening and every detail, big or small changed my point of view on life.

My grandma’s backyard brought back memories. I remember back then when I was an innocent kiddo, I’d wake up early in the morning because I heard a loud cry and when I went out, I witnessed a pig chopped in front of my eyes. I also recall bathing behind the house on this brick made tub look alike so on my last day in the province, I made sure to re-live that moment so I showered right there while eating the delicious Kabkab.




I was also amazed by how my grandmother would cook the old-fashioned way.





That’s what I love about traveling the most. I am so blessed to experience so much at a young age, to expand my knowledge and to simply live the most out of my life. You get to experience so much and learn about cultures and without even noticing it, the tiniest details can change the way you look at life.

P.S., I found out that I no longer had access to download video clips straight to this blog so I had to export it to YouTube, sorry if the clips are short.

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