Fall is here but I’m still not done blogging regarding my summer trip because of school and the fact that I basically used my free time sleeping, so my apologies. Anyhoo, during our stay in Leyte, I kept bugging my mom if there were any chance we could go to Kalanggaman Island. Before I even went to the Philippines, I stumbled upon a video on Facebook about this amazing paradise looking beach with a white sandbar & I fell in love right away— that’s when I knew I won’t leave the country without getting my feet on that island. You can look it up on Youtube and you’ll see what I mean.


As you guys know, we only stayed in my grandma’s place for about a week (or even less), plus, we had to make sure that we’ll be there for the fiesta. Due to me being hard-headed, I tried so hard to convince everyone to go with us and thankfully, they all ended up agreeing. Take note, it was rainy weather during our whole stay in the Philippines and my uncle warned me about the storms and I also saw it on the news (which was obviously a bad choice to go to the beach) but I still pushed it. So, two days before the fiesta was when we chose to finally go. Kalanggaman Island is located in Palompon, Leyte which was a 5 hours drive from where we were (Southern Leyte). Our whole family rode in our jeepney the whole trip and mind you, I loved it so much especially with the breeze.


When we finally arrived in Palompon and just as I got super excited, a man came up to us and told us that it was not possible to take the boat in order to go to that island due to the fact that it wasn’t safe considering the weather and the condition of the sea, so the coast guard closed it. At that moment I was like, “Dang, we’ve come all this way for nothing” and I knew that we had to go back to be there for the fiesta but everyone agreed to stay in Palompon overnight and hope that we get to cross to get to the island the next morning. We thought that we’d simply drive to our destination, enjoy the beach and head back home right after so we just took our swimsuits with us and that’s basically it. When I say that’s it, that’s literally it, no toothbrush, no extra clothes, nada. We had to manage with whatever we had and whatever it is we could get in stores nearby.


The next morning, we woke up at around 7 AM and headed straight to where the boats were and THANKFULLY, mature nature gave us the chance to go to the island. All I can say is that the place was definitely beautiful, it was like paradise. There were only a few people there besides my family so it was basically having a private island for ourselves (it’s usually full of tourists). The sun decided to show up and it was just amazing. We ate the food we took with us, took pictures and went straight to the bright, bluewater.










U can see that there were really only a few people on the island and that made it so peaceful and basically made it the perfect time & place to unwind. Our whole family enjoyed it and the whole long drive & overnight stay were worth it!


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset






At first, I wondered why they gave it the name “Kalanggaman” because in Tagalog, “langgam” meant “ant”  and I saw no connection, but I learned that day that in Bisaya it meant “bird” considering the sandbars on the island — it made it look like a bird’s wings. This one is definitely one for the books, it was such an amazing experience despite the short amount of time we spent there. If you even get the chance to visit Kalanggaman, I suggest you go for it because it was worth every penny. The citizens there also make sure to keep the island’s beauty.

Lastly, it was also my first time riding a banana boat which made it so much more memorable as seen on the clips here:

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