After our stay in the Philippines, we (my mom, sister & I) headed to Hong Kong along with my grandma, my mother’s brother Tito Fred as well as a few other relatives. The weather there was pretty much similar to the Philippines, or even hotter. Plus, the streets were crowded and they weren’t the cleanest. We stayed there for about a week and the best part was definitely the time we spent the day at Disneyland. We left our hotel in the early afternoon and when we reached our destination, it was actually even hotter at the park and I’m not even going to exaggerate but the heat was unbearable – no wind, simply hot burning sun.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset





While we walked around the whole park to see everything it has to offer, we made frequent stops whenever we saw stores with airconditioning to cool off.  The cold beverages we purchased would turn to hot water quickly but other than the heat so the heat is really the only thing I want to rant about. I think that the night parade and fireworks started at around 9 PM so we went in front of the castle about 45 minutes early so that we can be in front and have a good spot. Mind you, it was already night time but it was still burning hot outside. After a whole day of walking, we were obviously all so tired so I ended up sitting on the floor. I remember this vividly, as I lay my butt on the floor, it felt like it got hit by the heat inside the oven but I just sat there eating popcorn, drinking my warm soda till the parade started.



I also loved the game with Buzz  (I forgot the name lol) because I recall seeing the housemates from Pinoy Big Brother play that and I was so amused.



That pretty much sums up the whole Disneyland experience. It was amazing but if it wasn’t as hot as it was, I’m sure that I would’ve loved it 10X more.



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