From Hong Kong, we took a ferry and headed to Macau, also known as Asia’s Las Vegas! Just like Vegas, it’s known for its casinos and luxury hotels — I’m not yet legal so anything regarding gambling obviously didn’t concern me. On my trip to Las Vegas, I’ve seen hotels that made it feel as if I was in Europe so this time around, we checked in a hotel that offered a European vibe which is the Venetian hotel. It’s actually the largest casino in the world as well as being the world’s seventh-largest building (by floor area).  No matter where you look, the architecture was stunning, it was like paradise in Venice, Italy. Plus, the ceiling was filled with clouds that looked so realistic we had the impression as if we were outside.







We also visited the Parisian hotel right beside the Venetian which had a half-scale Eiffel Tower. Then there was the Wynn Palace which was also very glamorous, compared to the previous one we’ve seen, the Wynn’s theme was complete floral where even a carousel was all covered in flowers.


Macau consists of  Macau Peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. The hotel in which we stayed in was located in Cotai which joined those two islands (Taipa & Coloane). We then drove to  Macau Peninsula which is the historic part of Macau.


Santo António Parish



I’m so sorry for the faces of the others in the photo, they were exhausted due to all the walking under the sun. P.S I’m really not exaggerating when I say Hong Kong & Macau’s heat was crazy.

St. Anthony’s Chruch


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