I have officially reached legality!  In the Philippines, a debut is a traditional grand celebration where the debutante enters adulthood. To be completely frank with you, I didn’t want a debut at first. I wasn’t the girl who had the real-life fairytale all planned in her head since I was a little kid. The idea of traveling to Paris with my family for a week sounded much more exciting & magical to me for it was (still is) a dream of mine ever since I was 10 years old… 

 And then I met kuya Harjay & ate Morena who catered 2 debuts of my best friends, but that wasn’t what got me interested in having such a party for myself. I remember it vividly, I attended a 60th birthday party they catered that was so simple yet so elegant and that’s pretty much how it all started. Even though the idea started getting to me, I was still debating with myself on whether or not I should push it through. Then, many people around me kept telling me about the fact that Paris isn’t going anywhere, that I could go there when I’m older and that a debut, is a once in a lifetime event. So, after months of thinking, it was around July ( 4 months before my birthday) when I finally decided that I’m going to have a debut. Despite the little time we had, my mom was up for it. 

As for the decorations/atmosphere, I wanted simplicity, elegance & class and that is what Morena’s Special Events Services offers. I recall the time they went to our place to discuss everything & there I was, with my little powerpoint of images of how I wanted everything to be and everything they told me was “Okay, that’s what we’ll do”. All I could say is that they are such easy people to communicate with and you could very much see that they are passionate about what they do. I had so many requests but what they did was even better than what I imagined. Again, Kuya Harjay & Ate Morena, thank you so much. I would have not chosen anyone else, I would have not done it any other way.I have nothing less than gratitude for both of you. Thank you for making it memorable for me. 

I wanted an elegant vibe but I also wanted a ‘jologs” program so that it wouldn’t be boring and I think that it was a success. 

Right after my entrance, the opening prayer, dinner, and picture taking, we started our program with the classic 18 candles ( a short message from 18 of my closest girlfriends) and the 18 roses. 


Not going to lie, one of the reasons why I didn’t want a debut at first was because of the Father & daughter dance I knew I couldn’t have after my dad passed away so for my 18th rose, my mom was the one to represent my dad, so we prepared a special dance number haha. 

After that was my 8 treasures where I was given gifts that had meanings behind them. 


There was many games played that night but my favourite has to be the Trip to Jerusalem Couples Edition. I wasn’t there to see it live  but seeing pictures and videos just made me laugh so hard. My friends are really competitive, they came to win to the point where they accidentally pushed my tita on the ground :/ 


During that time, my friends and I changed for our dance performance. It was definitely nerve-wracking especially because none of us performed anything like that before. We managed to put it all together for like 6 Sundays I think. To Ate Roma, Quishia & Natasha, thank you so much for your time and dedication. Sundays won’t be the same without all of you. I’m proud of us.

Then, it was time for the candle blowing, the big selfie & the dancing. 

I also really want to thank Ponz Madas Photography for all these amazing shots. Thank you for all the beautiful moments you captured perfectly, this way I have something to look back to. Kuya Ponz, thank you for being so patient with me from our pre-debut shoot till’ the night of the party, you are indeed amazing and talented. 

To my wonderful emcee, Ate Louise, thank you so much for making the party a jolly one. 

Thank you to kuya Jan, my videographer, I love it & for coming despite the very short notice.

To my ever so wonderful mother, thank you SO MUCH. None of this would have even been possible without you. Thank you for your guidance throughout my childhood till’ now and thank you for always making it easy for me to talk to you about anything whether it be regarding boys, school etc. Thank you for loving me the way you do. Thank you for always putting me & my sister before yourself. Thank you for being so understanding, so patient, so loving, so caring, so kind, so selfless and the list could go on. All in all, thank you for having such a great heart. I aspire to be as beautiful & as great as you when I grow up. That might be asking for too much so even if I’ll be half as great as you, I will be happy. I am the woman I am today thanks to you. There’s no doubt God gave me the best mother. Always know that all your hard work never go unnoticed even if I don’t always show it. I love you. 

Lastly, to everyone who came to celebrate with me, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU. Many of you have made such a positive impact on me without even knowing it. I am beyond grateful

I hope that this blog post did not bore you, I really just want something I could look back to and reminisce. I definitely do not regret any of it. This was for sure one for the books. Paris, just know that I’m coming, sooner or later. 


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