Introducing myself

Chenee Torres Marcelo

I’m just a simple seventeen-year-old girl currently living in Canada trying to live the most out of life. I am definitely an optimistic with a positive point of view in life always choosing to look at it’s brighter side. I strongly believe that expecting good things to happen will lead to taking actions that produce positive results. Despite the fact that I live in such a beautiful country, I have a big passion to travel, to wander and to explore, whatever you want to call it. I want to experience everything the world has to offer and get to know more about other people’s culture. is an online diary where I get to document my ordinary life, express my thoughts & the world through my eyes.Here, I’ll share with you, my adventures, my personal life as well as random things.

Not to please anyone, I don’t need your validation nor your approval, whoever you are, I couldn’t care less.